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If you would like to give feedback or report an issue, click here or send an email to support@gigsupclose.com.

Quick Search

When you first load the home page, your browser should ask you if you want to share your location. We have no way of identifying you and we do not store any information about you when you use our app for searching so it is perfectly safe for you to do this (see the About page for more information). If you choose not to share you location, you will need to use Advanced search and select a city from the list.

The home page contains fast searches, buttons that are set to predefined genres, or just click 'Anything' to see events regardless of genre. The radius is set to 30 miles and the date range is a week. If you want to change the search, or you do not wish to share your location, click the Advanced Search link.

Advanced Search

The Advanced search screen is for when you do not want to share your location or you want to tweak the search parameters - such as geographical radius, time period, and so on.

The quickest way to reset your selections is to refresh your page in the browser.

Search Results

The results page shows matched events grouped by day or month (they will be grouped by month if the time period you searched for is a month or more). Click or tap anywhere on the event summary line to expand the event and see its details. Click on the Map link to see the location in a new window. If you are using a mobile device, you may get asked whether you want to show the map in the browser or in your available maps application. The method you choose to look at the map will determine how you navigate back to the results page.

If the event has a website defined for it, there will be a Website link, which will open in a new browser tab or window.

Click or tap the event summary to close the details panel again. Use the Back or Home buttons to return to the search screen.

Defining Events (organisers only)

Hover over any day on your calendar to see the 'new event' link. Click this to show the Edit Event page where you can define all the characteristics of your event. The more fields you fill in (website, phone, name, etc), the better it will look in the search results.

Venues are shared between organisers so it is possible that your venue is already in the list. If it is not, click on 'Create new venue' to create it. Please try to avoid duplicating venues as it becomes confusing to your customers. (See the topic 'Defining a Venue', below for more information).

If your event repeats, please tick the Repeats box and select the type, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly. Even if the information for each instance changes - for example, teachers, venue, price - you should still use a repeater and you simply change the individual occurrences on your calendar when you need to.

If your event repeats monthly, there are three options:

The event repeats on the same date every month.
Week number
The event repeats on the same week number each month. For example, the 'third Friday' (the week number and day is derived from the event's Start date). If your event date is in the fifth week, the event will not be scheduled in months that only have four occurrences. For example, you select 'every fifth Monday' and the month only has four Mondays.
The event repeats on the last occurrence of the weekday each month. For example, the 'last Monday'. The difference between this and 'week number' is that the event will always be scheduled whereas with week number it is possible the event will not be scheduled in months that have too few of those days.

You have to choose at least one genre for your event. If the one you want is not shown, you can add it. Please avoid creating duplicate ones with variant spellings. Also, it looks better if you use mixed-case and initial capital: 'Some genre' not 'SOME GENRE'.

The Extra Info box is for providing more detailed information about your event. Please do not use HTML tags in your description as we only display plain text. Because everything is designed to be displayed in a small mobile panel, just put everything in one paragraph without line breaks (because that is how it will be displayed).

Defining a Venue (organisers only)

Venues are at the heart of GigsUpClose since they provide us with the geographic location that is important to your customers. The required minimum information you need to create a venue is: Name, City, Postcode. You will probably need to look this up on the web before you create the venue so that you can paste it in. Please make sure the information is accurate and consistent with how the venue owner describes it. For example, if the name of the venue is 'Roxanne', don't call it 'Roxanne's bar' or 'Upstairs at Roxanne's' - just use the official name.

Please use mixed-case and initial capitals for the city and venue name: 'Orpington' not 'ORPINGTON'. However, if the venue's official name has a specific capitalization, be faithful to that, for example: 'latin lounge'.

Most importantly, provide an accurate postcode and enter it with a space in the middle: 'RH10 4SS' not 'RH104SS'. Before you can save your venue, you have to find its geolocation (longitude and latitude) by clicking on the Find Long/Lat button. That will pop up a map showing the location of your postcode. Postcode lookup is not 100% accurate so you may need to click somewhere else on the map to make it exact. When you are happy with it, click Ok.

The more information you can provide about the venue, the better, particularly its website, which we can display if the event does not have its own website.

Using and Defining Genres (organisers only)

Most of the well-known genres are already defined for you. You can add additional ones but try to avoid confusing the users by having too many variations.

At the moment there is no way to edit genres that you create. If you create one by mistake, just ignore it and it will be cleaned up later.