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If you would like to give feedback or report an issue, click here or send an email to support@gigsupclose.com.

GigsUpClose is a new app that lets you find events using your mobile phone (as well as your normal desktop browser). If you allow it to, it can automatically detect your physical location and show you events within a certain radius and time range.

We will be publishing a full privacy statement soon but in the meantime, rest assured that when you use the application, the only two pieces of information that you provide are your IP address and your location, should you choose to use geolocation in your browser. This information is only used when you conduct a search and is not stored in a database, although, as with any other web site it may appear in the web's log files for auditing purposes.

The application does not use cookies unless you are logged in as an organiser, in which case an authorisation cookie is used for the duration of your session.

If you are a registered organiser, you provide minimal data - name, email, and contact number, none of which is shared with anybody else. Passwords are encrypted and cannot be decrypted, only matched when you sign in. GigsUpClose offers the following benefits: